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One Day Buddhist retreat in Chicago on Feb 13th

On February 13th  I am heading out, once again, to the Amitabha Buddhist Retreat near my house in Chicago. I am excited as the Venerable Wuling from Australia is gong to be speaking on “Practicing Buddhism” and the Dharma talk … Continue reading

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Daily words of the Buddha

Inspiring words from the Buddha in a daily format. http://www.buddhanet.net/pdf_file/words_of_buddha.pdf

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Are you strong enough to Meditate?

In the article below Mr. Eckhardt mentions “Taming the Bull” Please read my posting called, not surprisingly, “Taming The Bull” on this very subject and what he is referencing. Mark Eckhardt Since 1998, Mark Eckhardt has studied Zen Buddhism under … Continue reading

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Karma is misunderstood

Recently some new people moved onto our block. Since they moved in, their cars have been set on fire (which I was first on site and put out before the Fire Department got there), windows smashed and one of their … Continue reading

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Meditation Sensations

Fellow Meditators, I have been meditating for sometime now but tonight I experienced a very odd sensation AFTER my practice. First off let me say that I do not have a fever, dehydration, no heart conditions, obesity, nor am I … Continue reading

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First Noble Truth

Thus I have heard. That the first Noble Truth is “Life is Suffering” or Dukkha. When I talk to people, non-buddhists, about this they seem to think that this is very pessimistic. I then attempt to further explain what I … Continue reading

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Daily Thanksgiving Meal Prayers

Well, another Thanksgiving has passed. But, we should not forget to be thankful every day. Below are 5 prayers to recite before every meal. 1. This food is the gift of the whole universe—the earth, the sky, and much hard … Continue reading

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