One Day Buddhist retreat in Chicago on Feb 13th

On February 13th  I am heading out, once again, to the Amitabha Buddhist Retreat near my house in Chicago. I am excited as the Venerable Wuling from Australia is gong to be speaking on “Practicing Buddhism” and the Dharma talk is going to be on the “Infinite Life Sutra” which I need more study on. I am taking my six year old daughter and she is more excited than I am.

Some of Ven. Wuling’s work include the following books: Path to peace, Awaken to the Buddha Within and In One Lifetime: Pure Land Buddhism. She has also edited and contributed to Heart of a Buddha. You can read the Venerable’s blog,“a buddhist perspective”, as it is updated regularly.

The Retreat is going to be held at the Amitabha Buddhist Library in Lisle IL 60532 at 2753-2755 W. Maple Ave. Click here for directions and Map.

The schedule is as follows:
10:00-11:35 – 1st incense, Amitabha Sutra Recitation, Chanting and Meditation.
11:40-12:30 – Lunch
12:40-14:10 – Talk by Ven. Wuling and Dharma talk on Infinite Life Sutra
14:30-16:00 – 2nd incense, Praise of Amitabha Buddha (see below), Chanting and Meditation.

Since the Praise of the Amitabha Buddha is rather short I thought I would post it here. If you are interested in learning more about the “Mahayana” Sutra’s visit the Mahayana Buddhist Sutra’s in English website.

I hope to see you there at least in spirit.

Praise To Amitabha Buddha

The Amitabha Buddha’s body is the color gold.
The splendor of his brilliant light is beyond mind.
The light of his brows illuminates a hundred worlds.
His eyes are pure brilliant light, limitless like the oceans.
In Amitabha’s realm of infinite light, all beings are transformed
And Enlightened into countless Bodhisattvas and Buddhas.
His Forty Eight Vows ensure our liberation
In Nine Lotus Stages we reach the ultimate shore of Enlightenment.
Homage to the Buddha of the Pure Land,
Compassionate Amitabha Buddha.



About nascentbuddhist

I have been on the 8 fold path about a year now and hope to pass along. What I have learned and learn from you too.
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