Karma is misunderstood

Recently some new people moved onto our block. Since they moved in, their cars have been set on fire (which I was first on site and put out before the Fire Department got there), windows smashed and one of their children killed in a drug deal gone bad; in their old neighborhood. After talking to the mother we found out that she moved her family to avoid exactly what happened.

Unfortunately, the children, all above 18 and legally adults, did not want to change and kept up their activities. One day I decided to talk to them about their behavior. One of the females warned me that if I did not stay out of their business then Karma would get me. She was taken back a bit when I told her that I was pretty sure she had no idea what Karma was as I was a Buddhist. She then stormed back inside slamming the door.

This little interaction caused me to look up what current pop culture thinks Karma is.

Here are some of the items I found.

Dannii Minogue: “Karma Is A Bitch” She seems to have has no idea what Karma is. Nor does the band “On Results” who has a song titled “Karma is a bitch (you stole my dreams)

Neither does it seem that Ida Maria has any clue. Take for example her song “Bad Karma” if you look at the lyrics you can tell that she totally misunderstands what Karma is.

“You better believe in karma
baby it’s gonna sting
the wheel of life’s gonna do you in
so I don’t really have to do a thing
you took me outta my money
you messed up my love life and my career
you better believe in karma
guess it’s gonna start getting weird right here “

Then we have the song called “Karma” by Spout who’s lyrics include.

“Have you met my friend Karma? – she’s a bitch
She’ll make things happen that you never wished”

I also found a book published by Truth Hurts Publications which publishes such books as “Thugs are for fun.” They also publish a book called “Karma Is A Bitch” which seems to be full of misconceptions about Karma. I present a quote from the book.

“The question is when will Tony figure that out?
Maybe when he starts getting his Karma
instantly and mercilessly he’ll get the hint.”

I think you get it now. Though we could also make an argument that the also do not know the etymology of the word “Bitch. It seems that the word comes from the O.E.  word bicce, probably from O.N. bikkjuna and is generally defined as, “female of the dog” (also fox, wolf, and occasionally other beasts). But, perhaps they mean it in way Chaucer used it in “bicched bones” meaning “unlucky dice. This definition comes from  the M.E. bicched “cursed, bad,” a general term of opprobrium.

But I digress, so lets move on.

During our next encounter I decided to become a fierce Bodhisattva. This encounter was spurred on by them leaving trash and having broken windows and such around their front yard. Given that we live 4 feet apart this was unacceptable. I waited until they came home and went outside to talk to them.

At first they told me to mind my own business and get back inside, rather menacingly. I calmly walked towards them, they stepped back towards their house. I mentioned to them that their mother moved them to give them a safe place to live and to improve their lives and that if they wanted to live on our block then they needed to step up and change. All the while I kept moving towards them and they moved backwards to end up on their doorstep.

After a bit we all sat down and talked about what they wanted and since that day they have re-roofed the house. Fixed all the windows and removed the trash.

Things have improved quite a bit on the block. One thing left for me to do is to revisit Karma with them. Perhaps one day.

Next time I will present my thoughts on Karma.


About nascentbuddhist

I have been on the 8 fold path about a year now and hope to pass along. What I have learned and learn from you too.
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1 Response to Karma is misunderstood

  1. I look forward to hearing more about this story, as well as hearing your thoughts on Karma. I’m glad that their mother is trying to take these young people out of harm’s way. She is lucky to have ended up living next to someone who can help by being an example of what can be. _/\_

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