Bodhi Day or Rohatsu

This upcoming December 8th is Bodhi Day or The Buddha’s Enlightenment. Bodhi Day is not as popularly celebrated as Wesak Day, the Birth of the Buddha, however, it is still observed in many mainstream Mahayana traditions including the Zen and Shin Buddhist schools, where it is known as Rohatsu.

Among the Mahayana Buddhists, this holiday celebrates the Buddha’s attainment of Nibbana. Which is the understanding of the truth of existence, freeing himself from all human suffering, and finding perfect happiness.

The date, 8th December, is based on the Japanese Buddhist calendar but Buddhists elsewhere celebrate it on different days.

During this holiday there are many retreats some lasting for 10 days. In general the retreat ends on Bodhi day.


About nascentbuddhist

I have been on the 8 fold path about a year now and hope to pass along. What I have learned and learn from you too.
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2 Responses to Bodhi Day or Rohatsu

  1. I’ve only just started practicing Buddhism, and am attending a Shin Temple in my area. I’m looking forward to the all night chanting on the 5th, our Sunday service, and potluck afterwards. I know that we aren’t celebrating on the 8th, but this congregation seems to be very relaxed and has chosen to observe the holiday on the 6th so that more people will be able to attend.

    Btw I’m NausiSauce from twitter. I’m enjoying your blog very much :3

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